Self-consumption on roof by Luace Sostenible

Installation of self-consumption on the roof of Luace Sostenible, in the municipality of Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. It consists of 54 modules on the south-facing roof and 36 modules facing north, for a total of 90 modules of 540 Wp each, with an installed peak power of 48.6 kWp.

The inverter incorporates internal monitoring, which allows us to know its operating status. For this purpose, a consumption meter will be connected to the inverter and installed in the vicinity of the main electrical panel, and all the information can be easily collected by the customer through an APP.

In this way, it is estimated an annual PV production of 75,758kWh; equivalent to the annual consumption of 22 families, thus avoiding the annual emission of 25.76Tn of CO2, and being equivalent to the planting of 720 trees.

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