At Irradia we understand innovation as an essential way to achieve leadership and excellence.

Irradia Energía’s continuous investment in R&D&I is key to achieve new and competitive products that allow us to reach emerging markets and advance towards business excellence, generating a continuous investment that improves our quality and differentiates us from our competitors.

At Irradia we believe that it is necessary to banish the false idea that innovation is a field reserved exclusively for large companies. At Irradia, we see it as a necessity in the new scheme of globalization and vertiginous evolution of the markets.

Thus, in order to advance in the innovation process, it is essential for the company to be aware of the continuous evolution of the scientific and technological innovations available at any given time, as well as the capacity to apply them in the different phases of the production process. To this end, continuous contact with universities and technological agents is absolutely crucial.

Moreover, for Irradia Energía, innovation is a basic axis to improve the competitiveness of companies. On the one hand, there is an important technological offer in both universities and technology centers and, on the other hand, there is also a growing demand from companies that are committed to R&D&I.

In short, the challenge in innovation is to continue supporting current R&D&I generating organizations. To this end, technology transfer should be optimized and improved so that, in addition to generating research and development, it culminates in products or systems that are useful to companies.

In other words, a value chain linking the university with the companies, passing through the technology centers. We must be able to convert this innovation into a product and bring R&D&I to the market in a much more efficient way.

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