Corporate Social Responsibility

At Irradia Energía we have the opportunity to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility actions that have a positive impact on society, which then reverts to ourselves, both as individuals and as a company.

In this way, during these years we have been collaborating with different associations to make our world a better, fairer and more livable place.


The Irradia group collaborates through annual donations with foundations and non-profit associations whose mission is to achieve a better world, improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups, promote knowledge and collaborate in developing an energy-efficient world.

The centers with which we collaborate annually are the following:

  • MKWEBO: Association of assistance to the Cameroonian people of Mkwebo
  • ACCAM: Andalusian Association of Catholic Centers for the Aid of Minors.
  • Wikipedia: Free, open and accessible encyclopedia
  • X1NM: Platform for a new energy model
  • Autismo Sevilla: Association for the improvement of the quality of life of people with ASD.
  • Association “Light for Congo-Cluny”.They support the work of the nun “Ana Perez Cossio” in Congo Brazzaville, where most of the funds raised are destined to the training of children, so that they can reach useful knowledge to improve their lives and those of their environment. As well as helping one of the hardest hit societies on the African continent to evolve.

Training and Integration

The company, through collaboration agreements, makes it possible to carry out the following activities training internships in the Energy Services sector understanding this collaboration as an effective tool for the labor insertion of groups of young people either at risk of social exclusion or young people who need a first approach to the world of work.

The collaborating centers are the following:

  • IES Beatriz de Suabia High School
  • IES Politecnico
  • Spanish Red Cross
  • Virgen de los Reyes CC
  • Diagrama Foundation
  • CE Albaydar

Quality, environmental and energy efficiency policy

IRRADIA ENERGÍA, establishes the commitment to orient all the activities of the Engineering Process, towards the achievement of customer satisfaction and respect for the environment, through the implementation of its Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental (EMS) and Energy Management (EMS) based on the applicable standards*, achieving continuous improvement of its environmental and energy performance, using as a basis the fulfillment of customer requirements, the efficient use of resources and energy, ensuring the availability of information and resources to achieve the established objectives and goals, as well as complying with the applicable product, environmental and energy legislation, contributing to be one of the top companies in the world in terms of environmental and energy management.

fundamental for the sustained, sustainable and equitable development of the nation.”

* UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 50001:2018

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Training of our employees

The Irradia group promotes skills management and continuous training to improve both the skills and qualifications of professionals in training and the requalification of employed professionals, making it possible to reconcile the increased competitiveness of companies with the individual training of the professional.