Photovoltaic installation of 100 kw for self-consumption at the simón verde sport center club.

IRRADIA ENERGIA contributes to improve the environment by executing and implementing a new project, this time hand in hand with GYS-DOC SPORT, S.L., realizing a photovoltaic installation that is used to reduce the electricity consumption of the sports center.

The solar panels of the photovoltaic installation occupy practically the entire roof of the Simón Verde Club, located at 22 Mirador street in Gelves (Seville) and the installation consists of 181 photovoltaic modules of 550 W. each, providing a total peak power of 100 kW.

The solar energy installation will produce more than 136,000 kWh per year, which will reduce GYSDOC SPORT S.L.’s electricity consumption by 120,000 kWh/year, which will result in a significant reduction in electricity supply costs.

The result of this collaboration between companies has important effects in terms of both the exemplary nature of the club’s performance among its members and, in general, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment.

The installation has the economic support of the Sustainable Construction program managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency and is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, within the Program for the sustainable energy development of Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which aims to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

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