Installation of solar panels for self-consumption at Granja Las Medianas. Desproave Group

The Desproave Group has opted for self-consumption of electricity at its facilities and has contracted Irradia Energía for the engineering and installation of the photovoltaic system at its Granja Las Medianas farm.

This installation supplies more than 50% of the farm’s annual electricity consumption. The facility will save the emission of around 25 tons ofCO2 per year, replacing conventional generation with clean, green and renewable energy, and the energy produced will exceed 80,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Irradia Energía and its engineering team studies, designs and sizes the installation in order to optimize the whole system so that the client can compensate with the savings generated by the payment of the solar system itself. The photovoltaic modules are guaranteed for 25 years and have a useful life of more than 30 years. A total of 144 REC photovoltaic modules have been installed for a total installed power of 50 kilowatts peak.

The photovoltaic panels are arranged in two rows. Electrically, they are connected in series of 18 modules, which means an operating voltage of about 750 volts in direct current. Two INGECON SUN 20TL inverters, INGETEAM brand, transform direct current into alternating current.

In addition, the photovoltaic installation is monitored remotely by means of a mobile or web application, being able to read in real time the energy generated, the self-consumed energy, and the exchange with the electrical grid, as well as the performance of the whole.

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