BIM modeling of the New City of Justice of Cordoba

Córdoba – Córdoba

Irradia Energía, together with Total BIM Consulting and GEA Arquitectos, is participating in the BIM modeling of the building that will house the new City of Justice in Córdoba, developing the HVAC, ventilation, fire extinguishing, sanitation and electrical installations in the model.

The modeling of a building with BIM methodology produces a single model that brings together the architecture, structure and facilities. being able to obtain measurements, valuations and certifications automatically in any phase of the project and work, and solving collisions and conflicts between the different elements of the building, scheduling its execution, and performing the “as built” for the management of the operation and maintenance of the building, during its useful life.

The application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology generates savings of 3% to 6% of the PEM due to the early detection of conflicts, reduction in materials used and construction execution times.