Alejandro Quijano

Director of Engineering (CTO)

Industrial Engineer from the University of Seville, Pablo Alonso’s classmate. He began his career in the Department of Thermotechnology at the School of Engineers, spent a few years at SODEAN (now the Andalusian Energy Agency) and worked for several years in solar thermal energy and air conditioning installations. Partner of IRRADIA ENERGÍA, Alejandro presents a technical profile with a broad and committed vision for each project. Systematic, orderly, conscientious and efficient, he develops projects with total involvement without ever losing sight of the end client and the fulfillment of all the parameters committed.

Its proven experience and ability to approach projects analytically, gives IRRADIA ENERGÍA the certainty to propose the best alternative for our customers taking into account their requirements, needs and constraints. With his vision, we dare to tackle any initiative and the greatest technical challenges with confidence and certainty.