O&M Irradia Solar Service

The maintenance of energy installations is vital towards ensuring that they continue functioning properly, safely, and at maximum efficiency.

At Irradia Energía we carry out the necessary maintenance associated with the following types of energy installations: solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, water pressure systems, heating installations, and roof-integrated energy installations.

These maintenance tasks are mainly carried out by Irradia Solar Service, our technical department, which specializes in this field.

We are certified installers of low voltage electrical projects, thermal installations in buildings (RITE), and in the installation of steam boilers and water pressure systems.

At Irradia Energía we also have at our disposal a control center which we designed and built ourselves, developed on free software, in order to monitor and control the production of energy from various sources at the same time.

This control center allows us to program predictive and preventive maintenance tasks, and to manage necessary corrective maintenance tasks as well.

Operación y Mantenimiento