Engineering and Consulting

Irradia Energía offers a unique array of services designed to meet a variety of needs, from designing energy installations to their construction as well as guidance and project oversight.

Another of the services we offer as part of our engineering and consulting services is the virtual design of installations using Building information Modelling (BIM) software. This allows us to resolve issues before starting construction and provides us with greater control throughout the construction process.

With more than ten years of experienec we are specialists in the fields of renewable energy, energy installations, and construction (air conditioning, heating, steam boilers, ventilation, fire safety systems, hot water, plumbing, sanitation, electricity, gas and telecommunications).

At Irradia Energía we also offer services related to development and maintenance of energy systems. We perform all types of reviews and audits of energy installations in order to implement energy-saving measures that are unique to each project, reducing the consumption of electricity and the costs associated with it.

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