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For over ten years Irradia Energía has been developing engineering projects and services that provide energy for industries, construction projects, and transportation.

Our most valuable resource is our team of professionals, equipped with years of experience in the design and maintenance of sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

Here at Irradida Energía, we look to the future with transparency and commitment, using our expertise in renewable energy to shape the world’s energy model.


iconoOur mission is to promote, design, and maintain energy instalations that are sustainable and efficient from economic, social, and environmental perspectives.

iconoWe design, develop, and maintain installations and services that allow our clients to optimize their generation and consumption of energy, whether it be on a local or international scale.

iconoAt Irradia Energía we want to lead the changes that are taking place in the energy sector around the world, using our expertise in engineering and related services to provide clients with a valuable perspective.


iconoIrradia Energía aims to be a benchmark company for engineering and and energy services, based in Andalucía with international influence.

iconoWe have built and continue adding to a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, capable of promoting and developing innovative engineering projects that provide energy for industry, construction, and transportation.



PABLO ALONSO. Equipo Irradia Energía

Pablo Alonso

Fundador, Socio

With more than 15 years of experience and an extensive, versatile professional career, in 2007 Pablo Alonso founded his own engineering, consulting, and development firm which has since grown into Irradia Energía and Solar Service.

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