At Irradia Energía we understand the importance of innovation.

We continue investing in investigation, development, and innovation (I+D+i) with the knowledge that these efforts will pay off in the form of newer, more competitive products and help us enter emerging markets while improving our quality and setting us apart from our competitors.

It is our goal to debunk the myth that innovation is a field reserved for larger companies. It is a challenge we accept head on, with the understanding that we are living and working in a ever more globalized community with fast-growing markets that offer endless opportunities to those who are ready for them.

But innovation does not happen alone. It relies on in-depth knowledge of science and technology, and an understanding of the types of products that the public needs. To make sure that we are up to date in each of these areas, Irradia is constantly in contact with universities and technology brokers.

Our dedication to innovation is one of the ways we seek to make our company more competetive. But innovation involves more than just new ideas — to Irradia Energía it means combining new ideas with new technology to develop products and services that are useful and necessary. We are constantly looking for individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets, because it is this type of melting-pot environment that we believe is most beneficial. This ability, to convert innovative thoughts into products and services, is the goal of the I+D+I approach.

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